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Who said we're not good watchdogs, But there's still  safety in numbers I always say..........!

It takes a lot of work to find a good breeder of cavaliers and there may not be the instant gratification of a puppy. In most cases a dog will live with you for at least a decade. They are costly to care for and then there's the potential health issues you may encounter. As with any valuable purchase do your homework first to ensure happiness for many years to come.
We breed cavaliers that are true to type and temperament, free from genetic hereditary diseases such as mitral valve disease (M V D), luxating patella and hip dysplasia. Our puppies come to you well socialised, healthy, happy and adapt easily to family life. They are people pleasers, the ultimate groupies and definitely patience is their middle name but they have pep in their personality.
Our puppies are handled individually from birth daily as we are experienced in how the trainability and intelligence of a puppy is directly linked to what their early experiences have been. Our prices reflect the quality of our breeding, the commitment in terms of time and financial investment and our continual improvement of breeding stock. All pictures are courtesy of owners worldwide who will discuss their experience of us with anybody who has any concerns.
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